3D Pipe profile thermal cutting


In accordance with market requirements, a CNC-controlled six-axes pipe profile thermal cutting unit is available in the Stahlrohr facility in Duisburg.

With this machine we can thermally cut round pipes with outside diameters from 48.3 to 1,220 mm and wall thicknesses from 0.5 to 300 mm (oxyacetylene or plasma process).

Depending on the pipe diameter, the unit handles single pieces with lengths of up to 16 m and weights of up to 25 tons.



In addition to programmable, customer specific cuts, any type of adjustment,
contour, penetration, mitre, slot and slit according to AWS standards is possible.

These application possibilities result in the following customer advantages:

  • reduction of labour and corresponding costs of processing
  • increase of component variety and reduction of manufacturing throughput time
  • higher quality by analytical calculation of machining profiles, precise burner control and optimum cutting speed
  • comprehensive production process by the transfer of geometrical data from the design department